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Skateboarding is Positive created 4 resource sheets for you to view, print, share, and complete! 

1) Be Human - skateparks can represent belonging and be a welcoming place for everyone. Skateboarders are all trying their best, and we can look out for eachother if someone could use support.

2) Think About It - skateboarding can be a social activity we share with others. We can communicate with others by pausing to think about asking questions, and then asking questions and learning about the perspective of others.

3) Your Why - challenges or stress can come up when we are learning to skateboard and trying new tricks. To help us not give up and persevere, to be resilient, remembering why we started skateboarding in the first place can motivate us to keep going! This sheet can remind us of the joy and fun skateboarding brings.

4) 5-Day - for each week day, this sheet is for establishing gratitude for the who and what in your life, and to help keep track of daily healthy habits, such as your physical, mental, and social health. 

5) Spark It - creativity is a super power as a life skill, and so this sheet asks about inventing something new, like a trick or a obstacle/feature, for the purpose of sparking your creativity muscles.

6) All The Feels - being aware of the feelings, actions, and sounds of our body can help bring us into the present moment, great for refocusing and keeping our attention.  This sheet is a form of mindfulness as it builds awareness of our body while skateboarding.

7) The Check - before and after a skateboarding session, and 3 sessions can be tracked per sheet, this sheet helps to think about goal-setting and then checking after your session to reflect on yourself and your time skateboarding.

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