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Examples of our community involvement:

CJ's Skatepark

Each year CJ's Skatepark in Mississauga, ON hosts events called Kids Being Kids for youth and their families affected by cancer. Skateboarding is Positive is honoured to lend a hand during these events. For photos, click here, oh and here too!

Good Shepherd

Skateboarding is Positive was able to spend time with youth engaged with the Good Shepherd in Hamilton, ON. We taught skatepark etiquette and spreaded awareness about the benefits of a passion such as skateboarding. We hope the youth found inspiration in this!

The Salvation Army

As an activity during the after-school youth program for The Salvation Army in Scarborough, ON, Skateboarding is Positive brought skateboards and provided lessons for the youth to skateboard, some of which tried skateboarding for the first time.

The City of Burlington

During the grand opening event for the Killbride Skatepark, Skateboarding is Positive made an appearence to provide lessons for youth of the community and advocate for the power of skateboarding as a form of social good.

Skate 4 The Brain

Using our knowledge of skateboarding contests we help Ty at Skate 4 The Brain to judge their annual skateboard contest to raise awareness about brain injuries, with support going to The Ontario Brain Injury Association.

World Skateboarding Health Foundation

Skate for SickKids, an initiative by Trenton and Daniel at the World Skateboarding Health Foundation, hosts their 25km skateboarding community fundraisers. Skateboarding is Positive is excited to be able to support through in-person participation and focus groups, and through donation.

Project 8 Designs

Not only has Arian from Project 8 Designs lended a hand during our Skateboarding is Positive group events, but he also brings with him his sustainable boards made from plastic waste.

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